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Feed packaging bags are usually made of polypropylene woven bags, so they are also called feed woven bags. There are many kinds of feed, and the packaging used will also be different. The common types are as follows: 1. Ordinary woven bags and color bags are often used for full price feed, green feed and poultry feed. 2. OPP film double color bags, single color bags, film bags, etc. are often used for compound feed, fish meal and feed additives. 3. OPP film color printing bag, pearl film / pearl film cover gloss printing bag, matte film color printing bag, imitation paper film color printing bag, aluminum foil film color printing bag, etc. are often used for premix / teaching trough material / concentrated feed, suckling pig material / piglet material / aquatic feed. 4. Pet feed often uses matte film color printing bag, pearl film cover color printing bag and non-woven fabric color printing bag. PE / PA soft plastic packaging bag sealed on four sides, etc. 5. PE / PA bags are often used for fermented feed and active feed additives. Detailed material description of the bag: 1. Use woven material, translucent, transparent and white 2. Product size: width 35-62cm 3. Printing standard: 1-4 colors for ordinary printing and 1-8 colors for gravure color printing 4. Raw material: PP woven bag 5. Handle part: plastic handle or perforation process 6. Bearing standard: 5kg | 10kg | 20kg | 30kg | 40kg | 50kg Note: the above can be customized according to customer requirements Product advantages: 1. Compact filaments: products made of thickened filaments and excellent raw materials are more durable and durable 2. Non stick mouth, more convenient to use 3. Multi line back sealing, safer load bearing matters needing attention: 1. Avoid exposure to the sun. After using the woven bags, they should be folded and placed in a cool, dry place away from the sun 2. Avoid rain. Woven bags are plastic products. Rainwater contains acidic substances. After rain, they are easy to be corroded and accelerate the aging of woven bags 3. Avoid placing the woven bag for too long, and the quality of the woven bag will be reduced. If it is no longer used in the future, it should be disposed of as soon as possible. If it is stored for too long, the aging will be very serious

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